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Week 8 to 11 - Batemans Bay, Moruya

As was expected, the blog updates are getting further apart. Partly because we havent been doing much travel stuff and been busy doing normal life stuff, like work and houses.

I think the last entry we were in Lowdan Forest Park in Tallganda State Forest, East of Canberra. Did a bit of touring about in the bush and tried to find a few alternartive routes in and out of the place. Mostly unseccessful but added a bit of adventure at times:

When we did find a way out it was quite picturesque:

We had planned to head to the coast via Majors Creek and Araluen, sort of parallel to the highway but 20 ks south. Started out OK but then went downhill (first gear for 5 odd ks again) to a sign that said no caravans past here cobber. Had a consult with the publican, scratched our chins, went umm arrr well for a while then decided against it. So drove back up the hill (first gear etc).

Being a bit warm we stopped a the Braidwood pool, then camped on the Shaolhaven river just out of town and had another swim:

Next day down another big hill to Batemans Bay. Rang around all 7 or 8 caravan parks and picked the cheapest one ($44) at Nelligen, just back up the river a bit. The day was really warm and humid but it was a nice park. Did the full grey nomad setup and ran all the leads and hoses we had. Must have ordinary TV reception here as there was even a TV socket in the power post.

Had a bit of a look around Batemans bay but it was a pretty wet day and not much work outside of hospitality so we moved on to Moruya and stopped at the North Heads campground:

Moruya is about 25km south of Batemans Bay. Has a population of 7500 so similar in size to Portland.

First time we'd seen a beach since we left Portland:

As it was close to Beths birthday we went to the Mogo Zoo. Few unusual and interesting animals there, plus the usual impressive things like lions:

And Otters:

And a paddock full of deer. The signs beside the lions and tigers said they feed them venison amongst other meats, so not hard to see the connection here.

Few Jirraffs:

and this impressive looking luzzerd:

Tuesday 23rd and Beth was 6. Got a watch which she was pretty happy with:
A few days later she lost her first tooth, so there was a bit of excitement about faires and money.

Did the ring around looking for work and scored a job as a "landscaper" for a couple of days. Spent the first day shovelling stone on a driveway and the second spreading mulch. Slept pretty well after that lot.
In the meantime, the doorknock of the industrial area turned up a job with Utimate offroad campers who make these things:

They started out in the mid 90's as a backyard operation but now emply about 50 odd people. Currently they average 3 campers a week and will be building 150 next year. Not cheap though. Base units start at $37K.
They make everything in their Moruya factory from the chassis, fibreglass, canvas etc and also service and repair customer campers, which is what I am doing. This week we have a camper which a tree went through the side of, so that will be interesting.

They must have been pretty desperate as they offered me at least 3 months work, so the next dilemma was finding soemwhere to live.
Once you can see the sea, caravan parks seem to charge by the sqare meter. This one was $310 a week for a patch of ground with a power point and a tap, and then it goes up to $460 a week from christmas until end of January.
So we spent the last couple of weeks looking for a house to rent, both here and Batemans Bay, and finally got one here which has worked out well.

In the meantime we headed back out to the North Head campground. Not many trees where we were so the car became the clothsline: large_101127_03_..Medium_.jpg

The next day it started raining and didn't stop for about 5 days. Luckily we got the house just before the rain stopped:

We have rural views:

Were a bit sparse on furniture but have found a fridge and washing machine, and have a couch on the way:

So this is where we have been so far. About 6000km I think:

Probably won't be a lot more to say between now and the end of February as we won't be doing anything extraordinary.

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Week 6 and 7 - Cooma, Canberra etc

Spent nearly just over 3 weeks in Cooma. Finished up with the painting industry and decided to move on.
This is the house I had been painting (well sanding anyway).
I finally got issued with a brush on the second last day to undercoat the outhouse I had been sanding. Then finally got to do a top coat on the last day.
Graduated as a Shithouse Painter.

Went to the local school Fete. Social event of the year apparently. Kids watching the circus:

Went up to Lake Crackenback which is a resort near Thredbo. Used their indoor pool and had a picnic. Very windy and cold. The old Nissan looked a bit out of place in amongst the Porsche Boxters and BMW Z4's.

Beth reading the Twins a story:

Anyway. On to Canberra, which is only 100ks up the road but took half the day to get there by the time we packed up.
Capital of the country as well as the most ordinary and expensive caravan parks.

First day out to Cockington Gardens which has minature buildings in a very well maintained garden:

And a train:


Next day out to Lanyon Homestead which is one of the original station homes of the area. Volunteers were having a quiet day so followed us around and gave us the full history plus a bit more. Interesting to note that no one in the ACT actually owns any property. All land titles are a 99 year lease only. 2013 is their centenary, so there is a bit of concern aruond some of the older properties.
The original milking parlour full of calves:

Cought up with a couple of people I went to High School (and Primary school!) with.

Went to Questacon, the science and technology centre. Was a little bit above the kids heads but still had fun.

Also went to the War memorial. Could have spent a day here easily but the kids were pretty buggered so we only had a couple of hours.

Headed East of Canberra out into the Bush (Lowdan Forest Park at South end of Tallaganda State Forest). Water wheel was used for power generation by loggers in the 50's:

Very nice spot. Also had good weather.
Currently at Moruya south of Batemans Bay. Had a couple of goes at getting here but more on that in the next installment.

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Week 5 - Cooma NSW

25/10/10 - Cooma NSW

We've been in Cooma for a week and a bit now. I managed to find a job with a local painter. Worked 3 days last week and they picked me up again this morning! Haven't graduated to the brush yet, so I'm sanding and puttying windows all day.

Kids have got a job as well:

Beths doinf well with her schoolwork. Ella is really interested in what Beth is doing and participates in most of it, so she will have graduated from Prep before she finishes Kinder. Evan sticks with it for short bursts, then drifts back off to his truck collection.

Been doing a bit of bike riding. Few tracks about the place but it is slow going with all the rocks. Averaging about 10kmh.

Saturday we went to Adiminaby and saw the big Trout. Apparently the worlds largest trout. Havent seen a bigger one so cannot argue with their claim:

Happy kids:

Stopped in at Kiandra. Old gold mining town in the late 1800's. Pretty desolate up here even on a good day:

Further on was Yarongabilly caves, which were reasonably impressive:
The cave we went through was self guided. Kids got scared which helped. Made it through eventually and then headed to the thermal pool. Water is constant 27 deg, which was just warm enough on a coool wet day:

A few tamish roos about including this one with a joey. Bit of a novelty for the kids when its head finally popped out.

Saturday night we went to the pub for tea. Ran into Craig Hume (Mt Gambier, KTM300) who rode with us a few times last year and now moved to Gladstone.

Sunday we went to the main landmark of Cooma - Nanny Goat Hill:

Looks like we will be here for at least this week and probably next week depending on work, and whether we get sick of the place or not.
All well. Good weather.

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Week 4 - Into NSW

Spent a few days in Corryong as the Weather was brilliant. Even braved to pool which being solar heated was just above freezing:

Corryong seems to be famous for the Man From Snowy River, but the museum is currently getting upgraded:

Went out to Bluff Falls near Black Mountain which had a fari amount of water over it:


A job milking for a few weeks didn't eventuate, and it had been raining all night so we headed over the big hill into NSW. Local advise said that Caravans werent permitted through the Thredbo road, so we went via Cabramurra.
Steep! Spent a lot of the day in first gear. Climbed 1300 meteres in about 40km. Stopped in at the highest town in Australia:

Needless to say it was a bit wet.

Made it to 3 Mile Dam just past Cabramurra. Supposed to be a lake just the other side of the road:
Probably our highest camp at about 1500m. Rained all night (44mm in 24 hours)

The next day we dropped down into better weather and stopped off at Lake Eucumbene:

Made it into Cooma. Friday was wet, then snow forecast for Friday night. Didn't happen but it was bitterly cold.
Lots of old bikes about for the Girder Fork Rally (Pre 1946 bikes). Sauturday was freezing. Most fo the riders were similar age to their bikes, so I think they mainly did a tour of public toilets:

We went up to Perisher Valley to see some snow. Sideways gale and snow was the order of the day, but we had a bit of fun, got cold and wet:

Sunday we had a quiet day. Beth made a roster for the breakfast dishes:

Which meant Evan and Ella were first up:

20/10/10 - An edit for to see if the subscriby thing works. Few comments that it doesnt
22/10/10 - same again. you'd think I'd have it worked out by now

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101010 Week 3

sunny 21 °C

Saturday night Evan got Gastro, so we headed into Porepunkah to a caravan park with a spew removing washing machine. Spent Sunday washing then headed inito Bright for a look. Wondered why everything was closing til we found out it was daylight savings.

Found a lost dads home:

Monday we headed into Bright and picked up our mail. Then found a lost mums home

Headed over into the Keiwa Valley via Tawonga Gap. Spent about 15 minutes in second gear at 30kmh. Found a small, recently flooded caravan park beside the river. Beth started some schoolwork:

Drove to the top of mount Big Ben and had magnificent views of trees and radio towers.

Wednesday headed into Wadonga for groceries, then into lake Hume weir. Lake Hume about 80% which is the highest its been for 10 years.

Evan had a prang

Followed the Northern arm of Lake Hume and camed in Granya. Evan prepared the fire:

That night we had a storm come through and a bit of rain. Then I started spewing followed by Beth then Ella. Not much sleep.
Went into Tallangatta the next day and washed beds and cloths.

Country up here is pretty spectacular at the moment after the recent rain:

Went for a drive up Mt Granya. Started out fairly easy but ended up in 4WD low second dragging the towbar over erosion humps:

Friday night a few more campers moved in including a couple form Melbourne who polished off a bottle of red then argued for the rest of the night. Got our first "oh, your not from Melbourne".

View from the top of Mt Granya:

Walked to an old scout hut near the camp:

Which Beth navigated home from:

Saturday went through Walwa (near Jinjellic) then camped at Clarkes Lagoon:

Where the kids made some frogs:

Currently in Corryong. Bit of a combined Bathurst/Wedding After Party on here at the caravan park.

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