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Week 2 - Central and Eastern Vic

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2010 Trip
Week 2 – 2nd October

Headed into Warby Range State forest which is about 20km out of Wangaratta. Set up camp and went into Wangaratta for the afternoon. Found a playground to amused the kids while we made use of some phone service.
Had a day off and repaired a few things. Evan learnt to use the brakes on his bike and stand up on the pedals. Still waiting for the first major stack.
Spent another night at Warby Range then went through to Beechworth. Simone had a field day in all the shops. Picturesque town but very commercial. Caravan park was extortionate for a patch of grass down a pokey gravel track.
Temperature was noticeably colder up here in the foothills of the high country.
Went to Bridge road brewery and sampled a few. Local AA’s meet at 8am Saturday here. Must be some sort of recovery session:large_100929_03_..Medium_.jpg

Local garage had a selection of vintage equipment obviously still in use:

Thursday off to Yackananda. Local businesses not afraid of diversification:

The local museum was burnt out a few years ago and only recently re-opened. The staff were really good with the kids:

Poked about the main street:

Camps on the side of the road are a bit scarce in this area so we ended up at Nug Nug south of Myrtleford. Big flat grassy area beside a river with powered sites. Run by some camping committee who lease the land of DSE. Stayed 3 nights:

Met an old local (well his family had been in Myrtleford since 1856) who said there was no tobacco grown here anymore, and only 2 hop farms closer to Bright.

Fire, beer etc

Friday - took the kids to the river and introduced them to chucking rocks in. Entertained them for a good hour or so.

Went into Myrtleford for a BBQ at the local playground. Found a puddle of oil under the front of the car. Power steering fluid sprayed in most directions. Found a hose had blown so went to the local engineering/hydraulics joint to get a new one made.
Saturday went to Lake Buffalo for lunch

Then back to camp for a swim. Today was fairly warm - t shirt and almost shorts so the kids wanted a swim. Water was freezing as it was probably snow yesterday, so the kids only got their ankles wet.
We’ve now had week of camping with no phone service, and had to buy the local paper to check what day it is.

From here off to Bright then over the hill and up toward Talangatta.

Sunday - Camped in Porepunkah, just outside Bright. Evan got gastro so have half his cloths and most of his bed in the wash.

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Week 1 - Western Victoria

2010 Trip
Week 1 – 19th Spetember

Managed to leave about the same day as planned with the van stuffed to the rafters.
Made it to Buckleys Swamp (between Macurther and Hamilton to Flynns Ranch.
Still drizzling and cold so we put the electric heater on, forgetting that Grant was on solar power and blew the cobwebs out of his inverter. A week of sunshine and he should just about catch up


Next day, left in the drizzle and headed for Kaniva to Wals.
Kids had a drive of the big tractor and learnt all about GPS guided auto steer and round up dosage rates on GM Canola.

Then we had a walk about in the Canola and wheat fields.


Couldn’t lose Evan even after a few attempts, so loaded up the remaining kids and headed to Nhill and bought a map of Australia at Westprint Maps. Then onto Lake Hindmarsh which had a good amount of water in it.

Wednesday we headed to Bendigo and camped in a Big 4 Caravan Park with a giant jumping pillow. Didn’t see the kids for the rest of the afternoon.

Thursday was into Melbourne on the train to get the pin pulled out of my finger and then to the Aquarium on the tram.
Evan chasing the Penguins

Beth in a bubble

Then back to Bendigo on the Train.

Friday was a rest day and a major sort out of caravan cupboards. Posted 4 boxes of excess junk home, and had a round of Golf.

Ran out of Home brew so bought my first box of commercial beer in 3 years.

Next day was off to Whroo which is an old gold mining town south of Rushworth in the middle of the bush. Gave the wood rack its first outing:

Found some old tram tunnels:

And cooked up a feed. Tasted as bad as it looks.

Camped next to some people from Portland (Robert and Robyn Smith?), as you do.

Sunday we headed into Rushworth to the “Agitator” Laundromat.
With all the rain there are frogs everywhere (and mozzies too), including this bloke in the main street of Rushworth.

Rushworth into Sheparton via Waranga Basin for lunch. Got some info at the info centre (as you would expect) that the Murray had only gone down in the last week or so, so most of the camps would still be mud. Slight change of plan and headed toward Wangaratta.
Camped on the side of the road near Tungamah (South West of Yarrawonga) and dried the washing. Got a few good toots from truck drivers and asked directions by an elderly Yugoslav couple who didn’t have a clue where they were.

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First Post

First post to see how this jigger works

Right then,

As of September, we will be moving out of this:

Into this:

With all of these:

After that, I'm not sure what will happen.

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